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Still - Visitor's Poem

by Ruth de Jesus
(Quezon City, Philippines)

It’s been five years since you left
But for us, it was just like yesterday

When I close my eyes I can still see your smile,
Hear your voice and the loving sound
Of your occasional laughter

In your favorite chair
I can still see you sleeping
Although you insist that you were just resting

When I stare at the door of your room
I can still see you coming out slowly
Looking around with a cane in your hand

In your place at the dining table
I still catch you drinking your soup
And complaining if it’s not that hot

When I clean your room
I can still smell the baby powder
Which I put on your back after your bath

And when I come home from somewhere
I still see you waiting patiently
By your rocking chair

Oftentimes, in my dreams
I still see you waving at me
Maybe saying goodbye or come here

It’s been difficult without you, Dad
You are terribly missed
But we know you are happy
And so we will be.

You’re STILL very much HERE Dad
You will stay in our hearts forever
You may have gone to that great somewhere
But loving you will never be over.

Nov 20, '08 6:17 AM

Comments for
Still - Visitor's Poem

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Oct 06, 2010
Highly touching
by: Tasneem Qaiser

I am short of words to express my appreciation for the beautifully worded poem, full of very true and touching feelings experienced by all who have lost their near and dear ones. I wish I could have the same skill of expressing my feelings for the ones who are not with me any more. I feel the same way for my dad, my mom, my elder sister who left me a long time back at the age of 26, her daughter who parted with us at the age of 14 and above all my dear son Azam who left for his next life on 21st November 2005 (5 years ago) at the age of 25 years only.
No doubt the presence of our dear ones is always felt by us at all times.

Oct 05, 2010
by: r.de jesus

Thanks Fion, STILL was a short tribute to my late dad for being the sweet, gentle dad that he was to all six of us. I just want to inspire the young sons and daughters to show their love and care to their parents, now when it matters most. I really miss him a lot.

Oct 04, 2010
In memory of your Dad
by: Fion

Hi Ruth, thanks very much for your moving poem about your late Dad! Though he's not physically with you now, but through your words, I can sense that he's still very much alive in your heart and memories.

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