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A Tribute to My Wife - Visitor's Love Poem

by Dandrev James Matias

J oy in my heart is overwhelming and outpouring

E verytime I wake up each and every morning

N ot overlooking to ponder and start praying

N ever forgetting to thank GOD for everything‚€¶

I ndeed I am blessed with a wonderful family,

F aithful wife who keeps on loving and trusting me,

E nergetic kids who make me laugh unreservedly

R ecounting my kids, soon they will be THREE..

M any years from now my legacy will fade,

A ll my memories will soon obliterate

T ime is fast ticking, and so with my age

I n ten years time my son will be in college...

A ll that I worked for will be appreciated

S omehow, sometime, and somewhere... by SBM

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