The Story of How We Met - Visitor's Love Poem

by Timothy Baumann
(Brisbane, Australia)

I'm feeling good, I'm looking fine.
I'm going out for the first time.
Her name is Juliet,
And this is the story of how we met:

On a fine summer's eve, about a week ago,
This little story I'm wanting you to know.
We were at a party, in the backyard having fun.
But when the night was over, well we still weren't done.
We walked down the road, towards a little park.
And by the time we got there, it wasn't even dark.
We had talked the time away, just like old friends.
We didn't want that night, to ever ever end.
But alas it did, and I bade her farewell.
That's the end of that night, that's all I have to tell.

Another time I saw her, the very next day.
I was off to work, and she was walking that way.
We started talking, and time evaded us.
I was late for work, and she missed her bus.
Again that's the end, but what about next week?
We met up for coffee, and another good long speak.
Once we started talking, we just went on and on and on.
Such a great and wondrous phenomenon.

As anyone could plainly see, we were in love.
That view was helped, by the perching of a dove,
Right above the table, where we were sitting.
That little bird, that one thing.
Sparked my reaction, to ask her out.
She said she'd love to, and she wanted to shout,
With happiness and joy, all over the place.
We were both delighted, you should have seen our faces.

And that brings us to today, and our first date.
I am flipping nervous, but I just can't wait.
She is the girl I'll love, from now till evermore.
I'll be there for her always, until I breathe no more.

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