The Hoarfrost

by Patti Richards
(St Julians, Malta)

Such beauty to behold
Endures bitterly cold frozen
Narrative of sadness yet untold
Delicate gossamer petals
Emulates the glacial frozen heart
Loves remote and forlorn
Abandoned hope and final depart

Forgotten hope and dreams abound
Beseeched with sullied memories
Compels to rise up and break free
Cruel bitter wind brought death
Slaying the love that meant all to me
No springtime metamorphic change
Nor eternity affords curative exchange

Indignant agony which begs for death
Desolate and alone caressing cue
Fragile beauty of intricate petals unfurled
Aberrantly withdraws from compassionate touch
Devoid and indolent resounds since loving you
Vaunted solitude takes penchant resolution
Seclusion dictates my solitary solution

Cold frozen Hoarfrost‚€™s beauty entices
The eyes and the heart of the voyeur‚€™s desire
Effectively beguiling an innocent trusting heart
Concealing a passion quelled raging fire
Holding court to captivating curiosity
Cloaking the qualm of sceptical ferocity

© 2010 Patti Richards

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