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Why Would I Hate? - Visitor's Poem

by Author Unknown

All of us know some people
Of whom we just really canā€™t stand
Those loathsome, mean people
Who just do not understand

Their words bite like sharks,
And sound like nails on a chalkboard
Their actions so dark,
As the bottom of the abyss.

They snatch the good out of your day,
When thereā€™s a smile spread across on your face,
And when youā€™re already upset, they make it all worse.
But thereā€™s something deep down, something good, for a first.

Everyone has the righteous, good trait.
Thereā€™s better behind the mean, nasty hate.
Just wait for it, itā€™ll occur.
The good will come out in him or her.

I do know some people
Of whom I really, truly dislike
But there is something in each of them, something I like.
Funny, sporty, smart, tireless, or maybe all of the above.
So just why would I hate, when there is something I love?

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