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Who Knows? - Visitor's Poem

by Soualah Afef

Who knows
what will tomorrow bring?
Who knows
what will our fate hide?
We always wish that
it€™s going to be good news
that€™s going to be sunny days
Although that the clouds are
usually sign of happiness
Who knows
what€™s on other's mind?
Who knows
when the stranger come home?
To dry his mother€™s tears
in the middle of the night
Who knows
when will truth appear?
So the anguish will disappear
Who knows when will we meet?
And what will we feel?
Who knows
are we going to make it
or we let it for fate to shake it
Who knows
are we going to go to heaven or to hell?
Are we doing wrong or right?
These are some questions
we keep asking them all the time
We keep saying when and where
who and why
but he€™s the only one
who knows
The only one the all knowing
our creator GOD
'cause GOD only knows

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