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When Mom Passed Over to Heaven

by Richard John Scarr
(East Sussex, England)

When Mom passed over to heaven.
A new star appeared in the sky.
And God had a brand new angel.
But one who was far from work shy.

And knowing how houseproud our Mom is.
I'll bet out came the hoover and broom.
And she dusted and polished and hoovered.
And didn't stop till she'd cleaned every room.

And poor God in his House Of Many Mansions.
Found himself being moved from seat to seat.
As she pottered and polished around him.
And telling Jesus: "I hope you wiped your feet!"

She'll insist they change their clothes every morning.
Even though vest and pants are not on view.
She'll say: "Cleanliness is next to Godliness.
And who knows that better than you?"

And when God goes to work in the mornings.
His miracles and wonders to devote.
I'll bet Mom is right there on the doorstep.
To make sure he's wearing his coat.

And as he busies himself around heaven.
With his bright polished gold staff and rod.
He will think he is taking good care of our Mom.
But it's Mom who's taking good care of God.

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