Friends - Visitor's Friendship Poem

by Tasneem Qaiser Alvi
(Lahore, Pakistan)

"Valuable friends are very hard to find",
This fact has its roots deep in my mind.

I come across numerous persons daily,
Most of whom, are nothing but scary.

Highly decent and nice they appear to be,
Yet they hardly succeed in impressing me.

I am really good at viewing the unseen,
This is how I save myself from the mean.

I have true friends, God is really great,
I am so lucky, there is none whom I hate.

My friends help and rid me of my fears,
They stay with me to wipe off my tears.

I am lucky to have good friends indeed,
They always help me in my hour of need.

Long Live, my very near and dear ones!
May your happiness be measured in tons!

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