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My Heart Was You - Visitor's Sad Love Poem

by Vickie L Smith
(Henderson, West Virginia, USA)

Stars glistening in the sky my love for you was true.
Moon shines bright in the sky I really once loved you.
Winds howls softly as rains falls down.
Babe I am all alone as I drive through this town.
So now I stop off at a small cafe for a drink or two.
By then my love I think about you.
Jukebox plays soft in the corner all alone.
Babe I just needed you to come back home.
I now leave the small cafe I get into my car to drive away.
Radio plays soft as the rain still comes down.
I am still alone babe as I drive out of this town.
Though my heart is still heavy.
Though my eyes still misty blue.
Oh babe how I once loved you.
I still miss you I do.
Babe I need you to know.
As I drive on this long lonesome road.
Though heart is still heavy.
Though eyes still misty blue.
I needed you to know how much I once loved you.
My misty blue eyes cried for you.
Though you have ripped my heart in two.
Rain still falls babe. I still miss you.
Winds howls soft moon now dim.
You were the light of my love so true.
Stars glistening though my heart now ripped in two.

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