Tearing Up My Heart - Visitor's Heartbreak Poem

by Pef

One day I feel so sad when I decided to let you go
But when I realized that it is the hardest thing to do
I tried my very best to handle the pain for leaving you
Because in my heart I know that I really loved you
But I have nothing to do if you don‚€™t feel the same way too

Letting you go makes my heart breaks
I have no choice but to do it even it caused much pain
As I feel that you are not into the same feeling
I just want to say thank you for everything
As you let me feel how to fall in love again

The happiness and joy you bring will never be forgotten
You just don‚€™t know that even if my heart is bleeding
I still love the memories of us will remain
In my mind and in my heart wish you‚€™ll stay the same
I don‚€™t like pretending I loved you from the beginning

I hate the thoughts of breaking up
As it will mean we are going to be apart
It is so hard for me to start
But I will stay strong and stand up
I don‚€™t like to say I‚€™m giving up

I thought that I am strong enough
And I also thought that I‚€™ve learned a lot
That failure in love isn‚€™t so hard
As I‚€™ve been through a lot in my past
I pray I can recover fast so the pain won‚€™t last

Whatever happen I still want to be a friend
Just someone you can lean on and depend
Friendship started and wishes it won‚€™t end
It is my pleasure if I‚€™m your best friend
Just keep my name on your friends list at MSN