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Your Name is Beautiful - Visitor's Poem

by Bento

I never was what I am today.
I never knew that YOU, had this power to change a person.

Why was I so angry when I first heard of your existence.
Someone, who is coming... from me - to me - to my life
Someone who is coming to take away my freedom and youth.. is what I thought.
And for all those fears that could be pronounced in just one word - anger.

When you came, a new day
A fresh beginning.
A new perspective towards life.
A chance to start my life once again, read, sing, dance and play.
With you I begin to live my childhood once again.
With you I learnt the meaning of tolerance and patience.
With you I understood the word unconditional love.
With you I began to understand my own parents.
With you I gave life a second chance
- and every relationship that I left half way through
I gave myself a second chance.

It's You who gave me a second chance.

I gave birth to you,
but it's You who gave birth to the woman in me.

My daughter - I named you Bella
You are beautiful,
You are the Angel gifted from God to me.

I can never Thank God enough for the gift of YOU beautiful Bella.


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