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Nurture - Visitor's Poem

by Carl Stoynoff

Branches reach out from birth
Tentacles of experiences nurtured
Fresh grass cut to enlighten scent
Burning, sensational smoke
Moist lips of nectar ripens
Heart burns for desired hugs
Touching speed, slow to swallow
Escalating seasons rushing by
Leaves grow and fall, then grow
Monsters in thunder, angels abide
Parents shield, lovers call
Permeating ambitions fail
Success includes the sublime
Rings on fingers, holes in nose
Freedom dances, broken toes
Cash is King, black Ace doomed
Kisses save resting unrest
Environment wrinkles leathering skin
Breast of life, love changes mind
Touch is human, words unkind
Babies born, twine unwinds
Nurture or nature it's all the same

Sept. 5, 2011
Carl Stoynoff

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