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Destiny - Visitor's Love Story

by Jellita Manalo
(Batangas City, Philippines)

One night after dinner, Sky and Rain took some time talking about the year that passed. It was exactly a year since they exchanged vows before God that they would take each day together for better or for worse. The heaven was beautiful with the shimmering splendor of the moonlight. It gave emphasis to the perfect beauty of the sea which they marveled from the porch of their house where they sat.

“I am really thankful for having a wife like you,” Rain honestly uttered with love and sincerity.

Sky just smiled. She moved close to his chest and embraced him tight.

Running his fingers on her long hair, he asked her. “Have you ever tried doing something crazy in your life before?”

She sat up straight, thought for a while and then nodded with so much interest in her eyes.

“Ahuh,” she admitted, laughing heartily about her recollection.

“Would you care telling me about it?” he lovingly inquired.

She laughed out loud once again, covering her turning pale rose face with her thin long fingers. He laughed with her too.

“Okay,” she started still giggling. “You know what… some ten years ago I wrote a letter to Mr. Right telling him that I would never marry anyone in my life but him even though it may mean waiting forever. I put the letter in a bottle and then threw it in the sea. Isn’t it so funny?”

“Yes, it is,” he jokingly agreed. He pulled her close to him again and put his arms around her. He embraced her so tenderly. “Ten years ago…? You were only 21 then.”

“Yes,…and very young,” she shyly agreed. “Actually, I have forgotten about it already. It was such a silly idea.”

He laughed at her comment once again. She raised her head to look at him and then she asked.

“How about you? Is there anything you haven’t told me yet?

“You really want to hear?”

“I do. Please ….”

“You won’t get mad?”

“I won’t. Promise.”

“Okay,” he started slowly. “You were not my first love.”

“But you have already told me that.”

“Yes, but I didn’t tell you I still love her… like the way I love you now… I always believe she would be my greatest love.”

She was stunned. She never expected he would be so blunt and honest about it. She got loose from his arms and looked at the silhouette of the leaves fluttering in the cool night breeze. Some drops of tears discreetly welled fro her eyes.

He embraced her again. “You promised me you won’t get mad.”

She lowered her head a bit. “I am not,” in a shrill voice she said. “I am just sorry for you. You should have married her… not me. You could have been happier with her…”

“Shhhh… don’t say that. I am very happy, perfectly happy with you. There would never be greater happiness in my life than the one you bring. It is the best.”

He stood up and walked towards their room. After a while he came back with a box.

“Stop crying. Open it.”

“What is this?”

“Just open it.”

Her hands were shaking while she was lifting the cover of the box. It was apparently old but it was obvious that the box was very well kept and taken cared of. When she finally uncovered it, she looked at him in great surprise.

“Is it the one?” he asked.

The cover of the box dropped from her left hand. She was speechless for some time. The letter says:

To my Mr. Right,
I believe in destiny… No matter how impossible it may be, I believe that in God’s perfect time, I will see you. You are the man I will always love.

“Since I got that message from one of my voyages almost ten years ago, I never ceased to love the girl who wrote it. I promised to find her until I met you. Now can you blame me for loving you twice in my life?

She was still crying. But she knew she was happy. She just didn’t know what to say.

Comments for
Destiny - Visitor's Love Story

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Mar 19, 2012
by: Story Teller

It's a beautiful story...

Feb 04, 2011
Very nice
by: Jay-ar

What a very beautiful story... It is really nice to know that there is someone who loves you twice in his/her life.

Feb 01, 2011
by: Jane

What a beautiful story! God works in mysterious ways. So I'll keep on hoping and praying I'd find my Mr. Right someday.

Sep 06, 2010
Sweet and heartwarming
by: Fion

Hi Jellita, thanks for sharing this sweet love story that will touch some hearts out there. :-)

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