The Robot Poem - Visitor's Poem

by Cameron Scott
(Cardiff, Wales, UK)

I'm simply made of metal,
And yes it's really crap,
My life only consists of copper wires and plain old scrap,
I only beep and flash,
Sometimes I seem to crash,
I'd love to just get high but I can't even smoke some hash,

I wish that I could care,
But there's no emotion there,
My head consists of cables and it's totally not fair,
Some children call me robocop,
But that's not even funny,
I just want to be normal and for somebody to love me,

So every time you moan,
Just remember I'm alone,
Yeah sure you might have it tough,
But I have buttons you have bones,
You have phones and I have screws,
You have friends, wish I did too,
But I don't so know you're lucky when you stress or feel blue!