Daddy's Little Girl

by Alonna Miller
(St. Joseph, MO, USA)

I'm always going to be daddy's little girl
I was a tomboy from the start
No dresses for me, my hair was never pretty and curled
Never was into dolls, would have rather worked on the car

From pigtails and scraped knees
You taught me to ride a bike and drive the car
Without question, you were always there to support me
For all your children you were all heart

I'm still daddy's little tomboy, his first born girl
Now that I'm a woman and I'm all grown
I still remember that we had our differences but you taught me well
Your morals and values are now mine to own

I'm older now with children and grandchildren of my own
I still remember all the times you were at my side
Your life is changing now, all your kids are grown
But I'm still daddy's little girl and will be all my life

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