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Behind the Sweet Smile - Visitor's Poem

by Shangly

I have a sweet smile,
Making my friends laugh every time they cry.
I have a lovely face,
That is always there to give them a warm embrace.

Behind the sweet smile,
There`s a sorrow in my eyes,
And I want to cry,
But I choose to hide.

I faced a lot of struggles and trials,
Heartache, loneliness and betrayals.
But still showing that I`m strong,
Even in my heart I`m alone.

I want to show who I am inside,
Cry, smoke, drink and to be wild.
To ease this hurt and loneliness,
And to feel true happiness.

I hope there`s someone to take me from this dark room,
And bring me into a wonderful home.
Where I can enjoy my life,
Flying in the sky like a kite.

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