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About Love - Visitor's Love Poem

by misheru

You fall in love and you get stupid
When you're hurt it feels like you're being "murdered"
You think of things that maybe will happen in the future then suddenly all of it crashes and dies with your dreams
You think you're happy but deep down inside of you, you're not
You make yourself believe that dreams do come true, but in reality sometimes they don't

Is it really worth it to take the risk of being hurt
Is it really worth it to love a person back even if you're not sure if he does loves you back

It would hurt to know that until now the love you had for that person didn't change
In every day of your life you always say to yourself that "you don't" but the truth is "you do"

Like anybody else who broke their heart because of stupidity
or leaving their loved ones because they're scared
Still that's stupidity or better yet being a coward
You'll suffer more than what you have expected

You face him/her
Talk to him/her
Say sorry to him/her
Say I love you to him/her if it'll make you feel better

Be brave enough to say:
I love you
I need you back
I can't live without you because I'm in so much pain with each day passing by without you
I don't deserve you, but someone better does
I'm sorry for being stupid,for leaving you when all you did was love me and protect me

Or admit to yourself that:
He/she won't come back
He/she doesn't love you anymore
He/she had moved on

Just try to be thankful with what you have right now
Try not to think about what bothers you or what makes you cry at night
Be brave enough to open up your heart to someone else at the right time
Don't let yourself be trapped in his/her shadow forever

Or better yet learn to love yourself, just yourself.
Even just for awhile.

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