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Do Not Think of Me as Gone - Visitor's Poem

by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton, East Sussex, England)

Do not think of me as gone,
and no longer part of you.
If I were gone, how would I know,
the things you say and do?

The fact that you can't see me,
doesn't mean that I'm not there.
With my arm around you,
or relaxing in my old chair.

Don't think of me as yesterday.
For I am very much today.
Talk to me as you always did.
I hear every word you say.

And when you talk about me.
Don't treat me like a Saint.
Don't place me on a pedestal,
and give me praise without restraint.

That kind of thing is only meant
for those who've said goodbye.
But me? I'm still around you.
Because I didn't die.

I merely crossed a wispy veil.
But I'm still there at your side.
Though you can't see or hear me,
I am still very much alive.

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