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I'm Not Fooled - Visitor's Love Poem

by Amanda Genslinger
(Marion, Illinois, USA)

You own a piece of me, a feeling within, like a disc, stuck on repeat. We share a love that is nothing but bitter sweet. I look at you and know for sure, you are better than what you say. But my heart breaks to watch you belittle yourself each day. I can't let it spin my head around and around, a better way, I have found. So let me help you understand, that the hard way is the way of a man. I know you will get there, I know you can. Woman is the foundation, and man is the tower. But I watch you stop building yourself hour by hour. All the while the world is fooled, the mask you wear, is how you're ruled. I can't help you heal from the pain in your life, only you can let go of your strife. Just know I'm here when the truth kicks in, which I pray it will. Until then, there will be no top to your hill...

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