With You - Visitor's Love Message

by Normita Pangan
(Manila, Philippines)

To Albert:

I am just excited right now, Iā€™m like the child in a kiddy party
I am so hopeful, I am autumn and rain to roses and lilies
I am so energetic, I just keep on going like ā€˜Energizerā€™ battery
I am so lively, I am the rush of flowing river towards the sea
I am so grateful, I see the great mountains embracing me
I am as sunny, I see the big bright stars covering me
I am so inspired, I am beautiful Mona Lisa painting of da Vinci
I am so positive right now, thereā€™s just zero place for negativity
I am all these, and I donā€™t know up to when, I could be as wonderfully free
All I know is that now Iā€™m just happy, because I have you here, with me

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