Where I Return - Visitor's Love Poem

by Kasey Noll
(Duluth, MN, USA)

I hear your voice,
The sound of my love.

To you I will always belong,
Because you are the one.

Even when we€™re apart,
I can€™t wait to see you.

I€™m on my way home,
Back into your arms.

The warmth of your heart,
Beating against mine.

A flame that still burns,
Let's spark up the fire.

My eyes glow bright,
Twinkling with you in sight.

No matter what happens,
That look won€™t leave me.

I still can feel your breath,
On my skin€

Even if it ends,
It€™s a feeling so strong,
It's to you I€™ll always belong.

My every dream leads to you.
It€™s to you,
I will always return.

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