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Seven Poems of Desire - Valentine's Special

by Miles Patrick Yohnke

Romance. Life. Healing. Love. Nature. Mystery. Magic.

I really enjoyed the screenplay to the 2004 American film "Sideways" and its use of metaphors. When I began writing a new series of poems back in 2007 I had that film in mind. I wanted to combine erotic subject matters with sport (particularly with my first love of cycling). Sport so often comes off as this dumb jock thing. I wanted to blend a hybrid if you will, of art with sport. Some of these poems use this metapor and others are more 'straight-up' or straight forward with a playful side for what they are. In them that desire comes in all forms. The desire in game (sport). This desire to know someone. This desire to know our own self. To take on life with a desired discipline and push it beyond a place it hasn't been before. A realm of mystery. A romance of our wildest desire. This magic of life and sport. Any activity done well is a result of a profound passion from dedication to self. And with it, comes the state of mind and desire we must have to accomplish our goals in this cycle of life and learning.
- Miles Patrick Yohnke

53 Teeth

lube, thrust, release;
53 teeth.

With each stroke, I get closer
A vortex of emotion
tears of pain, tears of joy
The body pumps violently
muscles tighten, tense
In synthesis we ride
what lies beneath;
53 teeth.

It's ecstasy with you,
I'm a piston, pumping
Power, control
Our body, one
We move closer
It's a long climax
like no other
No words can
capture this
53 teeth.

58cm black Bianchi bicycle leaning against the wall

Master and Servant

Captured by heat and hunger
bend me to your will
show me what you most desire
my purpose but to serve

Through your dominion I find myself
I kneel, supplicant before you
consume your lust, your appetite
set my body on fire
quench your wildest desire

My will offered up to you
my purpose but to serve
through your dominion I find myself
You, the Master.

Back view of a woman in sexy lingerie


Beauty, like no other
She is the template of paradise

In times like these
I think of your being,
your beauty

In this season
life has reason

For you I dedicate my soul

100% power transmission is the goal pursued

I think of you
to capture a time
Surrounded by nature
Captivated by light
Captivated by your light
From a deep well of longing and need
intoxicated with those spirits, I push forth
Time 57 minutes.

58cm black Bianchi bicycle against the wall

The End

This is the end
beautiful friend
This is the end
my only friend, the end
No one can come close
to this love that we inspire
For only you can fill this joy
and the heat of my desire
This is the end
the end of this season.

56cm 1987 Bianchi bicycle against the wall


Languidly parting the moist curtain
He slides into the smooth vessel
Fire pink, deep purple the colour
His hands secure her thin creamy white wrists
embracing, both, with body and soul
skin drenched, heat builds
rivulets of salty sweat stream between them
a cascading waterfall, a frenzied whirlpool
flesh moves frantic
gasping for air, screams
a trickle of foamy liquid flows forth
A tranquil peace, prevails.

Sexy woman sitting on a sofa

A Memory Never Ends

Longing for each other
vowed to one another

A touch, a gasp, a release
this desire fuels the fire

Tomorrow bringing sorrow
a brief moment of shame
With the memory of this one night
from passion's flame.

A woman in black dress kneeling on the floor

How Soon Is Now?

I want to be your companion
sharing nights, not finished by dark

I want to be your lover
and find the passions
that move you to action
I want to be the softness
that induces you to trust
I want you to be the naughty

I want you in the shower, and in your bed
Arms strong, legs spread
that power, your thrust
these are the fuels of my desire

No words, no promises,
no lies - no regrets
No it is no secret, I want you.

Side view of a woman in sexy lingerie

By Miles Patrick Yohnke
© 2007 All Rights Reserved.

About the Author
Globally recognized and award-nominated engineer, producer, writer, poet and founder and C.E.O. of 5 Star Productions, Miles Patrick Yohnke brings many years of experience to the music industry; including many awards in sales and marketing. If you are looking at developing your career, Yohnke offers consulting in person, by phone or via email. For more info, please contact him directly at: 306.227.6379 or email at: miles(at)


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