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She Is My One

by Samuel Bate-Williams

She is my one
She is my whole
I am lost without her

I feel so strong yet so weak
She makes me happy just
By a look
Into her beautiful eyes

I see her everyday
Yet this is not enough
I yearn for her touch
Her comfort
Her heart

I seek out her love
As to complete mine

I speak to her as if she friend
I listen to her every word
Yet none go in
I am distracted by her

I talk to her of tales of woe
I speak as if I love another
When all that is false
Becomes true
I say I love her

But she does not hear

When we part
I feel sorrow
But I know
I shall see her tomorrow

Even still I am sad
I wish I could stay
Explain my feelings

I hope
That when I do
Say I love you
She may say back
I love you too

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