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For Love - Visitor's Sad Love Poem

by Eva Savov

For love,
have you ever done anything,
only for love?
Have you ever spent everything,
your pride all of your tears?
And now this is where we meet again,
down the same old road...
I don't want to talk no more...
there's nothing left to say.
I've heard your reasons why
I know your excuses...
I stood by you,
and helped you
become a better man.
Now here I am
Standing all alone,
with no hand to hold.
I lifted you...
When you were down...
I gave you second chance in life,
No one knows
How much I sacrificed,
For a man...
who is stone cold.
My heart tried...
to see the good in you,
but your words,
have cut too deep inside.
It's sad,
but true,
when they say,
we can never be...
How foolish was I,
to be the last to see...
I don't want to talk no more...
You can twist
and turn - manipulate the truth,
But you and I
both know
who tried
who lied,
who gave everything,
For Love Only.

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