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A Summer's Morn In Merrylands Meadow - Visitor's Poem

by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton, East Sussex, England)

Oh the joy of a balmy summer's morning.
And lush green grass beneath my feet.
To watch bumble bees kissing wild flowers.
While gathering sweet nectar in the heat.

The gentle sound of cool running water,
bubbling merrily over pebbles in the brook.
A skylark sing in the heavens.
The deep throated cawing of a rook.

The buzzing of busy grasshoppers.
A woodpigeon cooing in a tree.
Cows lazily grazing on the sweet green grass,
and barely even notice me.

Pretty butterflies settling on daisies.
A magical fairy clover ring.
I search for four leaves in its denseness.
For I am told good fortune they bring.

And the peace here in Merrylands Meadow.
On this warm summer's morn, is sheer bliss.
A heaven on earth. And I'm sure when I die,
I'll find God's heaven is exactly like this.

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