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Nohra C. Leschyson's Quotes - Visitor's Inspiring Quotes

by Nohra-Cecilia Leschyson
(Kamloops, BC., Canada)

Nohra-Cecilia Leschyson

Nohra-Cecilia Leschyson

1. "It doesn't matter what your circumstances are, never think you are alone. A protective and invisible loving being is always taking care of you. You just need to give it/Him a place in your heart to feel it."

2. "Don't take insults personally. He or She may be experiencing a painful situation, and in the moment is not capable of coping with it."

3. "Sometimes our life loses its sparkling side and with it, our enthusiasm. To revive the flame we had when we were younger, we need to find a new passion; doesn't matter what it is, but something new that makes our life happier and more interesting. Follow your heart!"

4. "Usually the best things happen after having a bad experience. Those things may be a new start with another partner, a new home, a new job, or even a new self."

5. "There is no consolation for a broken heart. However, you can soothe the pain by changing your thoughts, having determination in healing your wounds, and not giving up whatever you know may make you laugh."

6. "Give yourself a magical gift every day. Every morning open your heart to the new, embrace the little signs of the universe, read about miracles, be aware of the hidden messages in others' conversations, and listen to your heart's voice. In all those things, you are going to find some magic that is going to make your life less predictable and boring."

7. "Life is filled with beautiful things for everyone. The trick is to focus on the positive side of those things."

8. "This is a beautiful day doesn't matter if it's cloudy or sunny. It's beautiful because it is a gift from God. Do the best you can today and enjoy it as much as you can, because you don't know what may happen tomorrow."

9. "Three things that add quality to your life: Love, forgiveness, and tolerance. Are you missing one or more?"

10. "According to the laws of karma, all good that we do in our life is going to be returned to us. What good deed can you do for someone today?"

11. "The Key to attract good things in your life resides in your own mind."

12. "The sound and smell of nature pacify an unique and uneasy heart."

13. "Stop worry for what has no solution. Instead, look forward to embrace the new that comes behind it. It may be what you have been waiting for so long."

14. "If your inner being is telling you that you need a rest, an escape, a vacation or just time for yourself, do it because that may be a call to extend your life."

15. "To have a balanced life one needs to have an equal amount of interest for each of the following areas of your life: Love, family, work, friends, and entertaining."

16. "Feeling down is a normal feeling that may lead you to make a change in your life. Don't ignore it."

17. "The greatest moments of life are those when our mind, heart, and soul are peacefully connected and there is nothing interfering between them."

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