The Last Page of my Notebook - Visitor's Poem

by Jassy Asuncion-Gonzales
(Mabalacat, Pampanga, Philippines)

This is the last page of my notebook.
I really don't know what to write or even how to start.
I wanted to write something happy, something that will lift my heart - some happy thoughts.
I wanted to write something about what my heart desires - YOU!
Yes! I wanted to write something about you.
Because thinking of you makes me happy.
Remembering you and all those things that we've shared really makes me happy.

I can still remember clearly in my mind the first time I saw you.
I never thought that we'll become friends - good friends.
I never thought that I'll get the chance to know you even more.
We've shared so many things and those things are remarkable.
You are my favorite Happy Thought.
Just like my favorite subject in school.

You are the object of my affection.
The one who owns my heart.
The only person that could only take away the pains of my being alone.
Yes, you are the person that could take my blues away.
You are the song of my life and the music of my soul.
Your voice is the melody that always linger in my mind.
And your smile, it takes away my worries and brightens my day.

You just don't know how you made me happy.
Real happy.
I can't imagine myself being happy again if not for you.
I can't see myself happy again if you'll be gone.

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