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Sonya - Visitor's Motherhood Poem

by A'ja Rae Garza
(Florida, USA)

I've never laid eyes on you, I've yet to hear you speak, but I love you!

How can I make you understand what you mean to me?

I pray for you more than I pray for myself, I'm so scared I might lose you, even though holding you in my arms is something I've never felt.

I dream of the day that I can laugh and cry with you, I can't wait to show you what real love is, that way you know the difference because this world is cruel.

It hasn't embraced the light, truth and heaven I already see in you.

Forgive me, forgive him, how can I make you understand? Nothing is perfect in this world and I never dreamed of heaven on earth until now.

If you can hear my heart beat, know that each beat is for you, and the sound of my voice... God gave it to me, just so that I could speak softly to you.

I pray that if I'm capable of doing something right in this life, Lord please let it be with her, so innocent and true!

For the greatest things in life start out so small but they grow by the grace of God.

Even though I've yet to teach you anything, I've seen further in the dark than I ever have during the day and it is because of that, you'll learn that my love for you is forever and always!

So before I look into your eyes, before I hold you in my arms, I want to put it in writing now that you were a dream that was blessed into truth. You were everything before I even knew. You were my first piece of heaven expected on earth.

You are more beautiful than your mother could ever put into words.

One day I pray that you will understand why I have made this proof, it is to show you how much and even now that "I love you".

By: A'ja Rae Garza

Dedicated to the unborn my: Sonya Rae Shah

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