Dear Love - Visitor's Poem

by Chris Mokgehle
(Moletjie gaKolopo, South Africa)

So, tell me, who exactly are you?
Where are you from?
Because I cannot answer this question myself.
Are you really from God as most people say?
You at times can be so hurting and blind.

You are so surprising because sometimes
you can feel so right when you are wrong.
You can even make a person to sacrifice everything,
only to have you.
How dare you, for making people think that they can cross rivers, move mountains, or even challenge the tornadoes,
just to have you.

I wish to see you one day, curse and thank you for everything
that you make us go through everything.
You are so amazing because you can bring the worst enemies together, but you can also separate and destroy families.
How do you do that?
You are so powerful that you can enter into everybody all around the world, in fact, you are inside everyone all around the world.

Hoping and wishing to see and feel you soon....

Concerned lover.