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Life€™s New Shelter - Visitor's Love Poem

by Patti Richards
(St Julians, Malta)

Nature€™s deepest cadence flow and tease a lover€™s dance
For loves new phase embracing trust, hope and perhaps chance
To bathe in a glow of happier halcyon days of passionate encounter
And languish in protective arms optimistic of life€™s new shelter

Dare I dream that seeds of true love may again thrive and grow?
Seeds of hope from a gentle new love that I€™ve come to know
Is it to too much to proffer this broken and slighted heart again?
Besmirched and bloodied, ravaged by perfidious excruciating pain

Hope liken to be in awe at the power and the vastness of the ocean?
Fate and destiny has given me a new path and opportunity€™s doors open
On hesitant feet I step toward my tentative irresolute journey€™s path
Diffident with a fluttering terrified, yet euphoric filled heart

Anxious insecurity chafes a course reminiscences a love I knew before
Weeps for a crippled passion beseeching a trusting heart to be restored
Reflective hopes and dreams project starkly with malodorous clarity
The poignant echo of a heart I gave once lingering in suspended parity

Does now a fire that burnt so bright with a destiny not yet quelled
And life€™s inevitable descending shadow and waiting tears welled
Should poignant lament of a love lost and bitter reproach deflect
The joy to be loved again and be liberated from this empty reject

By Patti Richards 2011

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