My Best Friend, My Worst Enemy - Visitor's Poem

by Sujatha

Mine was a friend, so lovely so nice
She was my second self, but only to my eyes.
She helped me reach all the greater heights
I walked with her boldly, pushed all others from my sight.

She urged me to walk with my head held high
But look down on others, and they would all sigh.
She was my pride, my ladder to success
She meant everything to me, Yes her name was vanity.

Not once did I cringe, nor once did I fear
All because of my pride, which urged me to tear.
I went stamping on people, I went trampling dreams.
All because of my pride I hurt so many souls.

She was a false friend, though I didn't then realize
As she was ever with me, I never did think twice.
But gradually I found, to me no one was bound
There was no one but pride, to stay with me all around.

I became ugly to all, I made them sick
Everyone hated to see me, so they just didn't stick.
When I reached the highest peak, the peak of my success
I wished to feel a human hand, but I found no access.

There was a silence within, as if everything was dead
There was no one behind me, none to look for ahead.
I then came to my senses, the culprit was revealed
T'was then I strangled my pride, killed her and sealed.

I realised then that true friends are only good deeds
If you help people in need, they'll be your friends indeed.
From soaring high up I came down to the earth
I started life anew, as if I had a new birth.

I worked hard sincerely, loved all and lived humbly
Slowly friends gathered together, as bees come to honey.
Yes friends,
Who reaches the highest point ?
Who is loved by the masses ?
'Tis but a humble man,
Beside whom pride can't stand.