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Moving Around Furniture - Visitor's Story

by Gia Guru Nayak
(Gloucestershire, UK)

I still have no clue why from very beginning, I loved moving around furniture, wherever I lived. I use to do it at my parents' too when I lived with them. I would go through all the bits in those furniture, like books, cards, papers, photographs, drawings, clothes, purses, shoes and then throw the ones not needed or give it away to someone who appreciated it more than I did.

I tend to get in sudden mood change which typically happens once in three months where I look into my belongings trying to release the bundled up items to make them lighter as much as possible every time I get my hands in.

It always gave me the pleasure to think that my furniture is now much lighter and so much easier to move around.

Recently one of my friends mentioned it to me that she feels that she walks into new house every time that same old furniture stood in different place in different angle. We ended up talking about my so-called hobby of moving around furniture until we could finish our cup of coffee.

This conversation then led to debate and this debate worked as a food for my thoughts. My friend feels that I like to look at things or life from all sides, all directions, all dimensions, to which I explained that reason why I always loved moving around furniture was because I fancied some change. To which she nodded and added saying, change was only possible because I look at same things with different dimension.

We then carried on with yes and no and may be. But this event connected me to what I could do with my brain and my thoughts. If my thoughts are like my furniture which are flexible to think and holds everything I have learnt. Whether good or bad, it still holds it.

To add new thoughts in I have to get rid of old stuffs, to do that I need to review what I am already holding. It's not necessary that I always stick to what I believe is right. I can still always try adding new thoughts to the olds.

My unnecessary thought needs to be thrown away and good thoughts needs to be shared or given away in the form of appreciations. I learnt that even though I haven't changed my brains I can still train it to look at every event of my life from different dimensions, so it can in return start looking graceful no matter what age, which place.

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