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Footprints in the Sand

by Patti Richards
(St Julian, Malta)

The feeling of hope and unimpeachable dreams abound
Breathing in the wonderfulness of nostalgic tranquil heat
A place thatā€™s mine, my sanctuary a fragile peace Iā€™ve found
Each step released my tentative journey on hesitant feet

With sullied, tainted love in treacherous tethers bound
Distant correlation, unfamiliar stirring alliance brings light
Rolling breakers crash wantonly ashore and defiantly resound
Freedom, power, stoic assurance lacking permission or respite

Burning inferno volcanic ascendancy quelled tentatively inside
Unwavering loyalty reveals faithfully genuine expectations
Mistral winds blow hot liken the inner voices insistent chide
The golden sun and carpet of rolling green masking deprivation

Mighty mountains confidently stood upward pointed an assertive hand
Summer roseā€™s unfurled demanding absolute attention and reverence
The beach decries the fall of that mighty mountain now mere sand
Fear captivated, restrictive vicelike grip holds penchant prevalence

The sun secretes her face down swallowed whole devoured by night
The heat of the blazon sun diminished by a perpetual moving hand
As summer burns excitingly hot, azure skies impart longevity of light
Tomorrow will our new found amity be here or like the footprints in sand?

Ā© 2009 Patti Richards

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