You're the Love of My Life - Visitor's Love Poem

by Abigail Gajonera
(Kahului, HI, U.S.A.)

(For GG)

The day you walked into my life was the happiest I have ever been
You made me feel so special in more words than I can say.
That moment when you said you love me my eyes were in tears
And the second you kissed me my heart could not stop singing.

You've always known how to put a smile on my face
There never was a dull moment when I was with you.
You've always known the right things to say when I was sad
You were always there for me when I needed you.

That night we spent together was unforgettably special
You made me feel like a woman and treated me like one.
It was also that moment that I realized how much I loved you
And I have always wondered why I ever let you go.

I have missed you so much and I can't even explain
Just how crazy I have been without you.
There's not a second of the day that I don't have you in my mind
I loved you then and I still love you now.

You'll be in my heart now and forever
I only have one wish upon the star and that is...
To have another chance with YOU, THE LOVE OF MY LIFE.

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