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I'll Love You Forever - Visitor's Love Poem

by Alonna Miller
(St. Joseph, MO, USA)

Married for years
We watched as the kids grew
At last alone, but something brought fear
Our lives were changing, this I knew

Your health wasn't the best
Doctors, hospitals, life became stress
Your families accusations; I was killing you
In the end your decision, little they knew

Watching your body grew weak
The drugs made your mind jumbled
Disease progressed, your spirit faltered and became meek
At times you didn't know me, I felt troubled

I knew the end was near
Your anger raged; you hated me
Still I had no idea of my worst fear
The end so close, finally your soul would be set free

I knew when I woke
Death was consuming your life
Laying your head in my lap; not a word I spoke
Till the end you were my husband and I your wife

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