Cry with One Eye Open - Visitor's Poem

by Shamila Daluwatte
(Sri Lanka )

Oh dear sisters!
Cry with one eye open
Don€™t close your eyes
See the world around you
See together
Sleep together
Weep together
But don€™t close your eyes
Cry with one eye open
When you weep
Over your husband€™s death
See from your opened weeping eye
Whether in-laws have come
To throw you out of the house
To grab the properties that you own
Push you to a widow house
Push your children to misery
Pull you to a burning fire
To all my sisters
India, Africa
Where ever you are!!!!!
Cry with one eye open

€œCry with one eye open€ slogan was created in Southern Africa to safeguard property rights of widows. Women lost their properties upon the death of their husbands leaving widows in extreme poverty. This poem I created to support women€™s property rights campaign.

Shamila Daluwatte, Women€™s Right Attorney and an Activist

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