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The Dream - Visitor's Poem

by Vickie L Smith
(Henderson, West Virginia, USA)

The moon is aglow, here I go.
I don't know where I'm going.
Stars glistening like diamonds.
In a dusty storm.
This road seems long I'm all alone.
I've been talking to myself.
Someone is listening way up high.
My teardrops I cannot hide.
I am tired I must rest.
My mind weary, a pounding in my chest.
I sit down under the old maple tree.
Feeling sad, so blue.
Now I have rested,
the pounding has stopped in my chest.
My eyes are heavy, the moon still aglow.
I've been on this journey.
Been a long rough road.
Now I am asleep, I must be having a dream.
Do I smell coffee brewing?
Could this be a dream?
Or is this just a dream?
I see silver in his hair.
He looks like an angel standing there.
Now he holds out his hand to me.
Now come along child this is not a dream.
I want to help you, don't be afraid.
I can see your life has been drifting away.
Now come child take my hand.
I will lead the way.
He said I know your journey has been long.
Hills have been steep.
I will travel with you, come child go with me.
I got to my feet then took his hand.
He said do you hear the angels singing,
up there in the golden land?
He said see the moon it is still aglow.
Stars glistening now like diamonds in new fallen snow.
He said I don't know child what tomorrow may bring.
He said you might be happy or you might be sad.
He said always remember the good times we've had.
Blessings surround you child, don't be blue.
He said I am happy now. For now you see I have no pain.
There's no teardrops in my eyes.
The dew drops are on the roses that are now in bloom.
I see glistening rain.
My eyes are clear now child.
Clear of all the pain.
He told me that he had to go.
I'll see you in Heaven some glorious day.
Now I must be on my way.
I've got to back on Heaven's train.
I know we've never got to say good-bye.
I know your heart has ached.
I feel your hurt inside.
I know you loved me very much.
Remember I'm still by your side.
You will always have our memories.
All the good times we once shared.
I ask you not to be sad.
For I am still there.
Before he left this is what he said.
Moon still aglow, stars glistening in the new falling snow.
Sky is a deep dark blue, trees will be green once again
while the red roses will bloom.
Rain will still fall as it leaves teardrops there.
White doves fly up above our heads.
Sun shining upon your shoulder there.
Wind now blows softly, feel the breeze.
Kiss my cheek child before I leave.
Give me a hug now I must go.
Remember I've always loved you so.
Now I ask that you will understand.
I want to thank you for holding my frail hand.
I want to thank you for being my eyes
when I could not see.
I want to thank you for combing my hair
when it could not be done by me.
I want to thank you Daughter for always being there.
I said you're welcome Daddy I will always love you.
I want to thank you for being My Daddy.
My strong golden-hearted Daddy.
I want to thank you for being my friend.
I want to thank you for holding my hand.
I want to thank you for the love,
the caring and always being there.
I want to thank you for helping me to understand.
I want to thank you Daddy for being in my life
for so many many wonderful years.
Then I kiss My Daddy and told him good-bye.
My Daddy is now back in Heaven.
Watching over me.
My tears are falling now.
For you see my friends this was not a dream.

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