Birds Sing A Lullaby - Visitor's Poem

by Vickie L Smith
(Henderson, West Virginia, USA)

While the leaves fall from the trees outside.
I can feel a light breeze blow by.
Fall is here once again.
I feel sad inside.
I hear birds sing outside my window.
As they head toward blue skies.
Into the soft clouds.
Of Heaven high.
While I sat and listened to the birds sing their lullaby.
My little child close you eyes.
Summer will be here soon.
Birds will sing their lullaby once again.
While the roses will bloom.
Now the sun peeps through blue skies.
While the birds sing their lullaby.
Their sweet voice you will hear.
As they sing with thee angels in a mansion.
In a mansion on a hill.
Spring once again is now here.
As the sun shines.
How bright now I see.
I love the feel of a Spring breeze.
As the birds sing so beautifully.
Now they're headed back toward blue skies.
I will now sat and watch.
Trying not to cry.
As I sat on my front porch.
I will hear the birds sing their lullaby.
Birds will sing their lullaby.
As their wings will spread toward clear blue skies.
Like angel wings.
Angels wings into Heaven.
Some day may we fly together toward Heaven.
Snow now falls softly once again.
All the trees now bare.
Birds won't sing much now.
Now that winters here once again.
As the snow falls softly from blue skies.
Now I will sat and rock.
To the birds' lullaby.
So good-bye little birds for now.
And fly, fly toward clear blue skies.
Thank you little birds.
For singing your lullaby.

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