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My Child (for Sarah) - Visitor's Message

by Renee
(Concord, CA. USA)

My lovely Sarah

My lovely Sarah

My child you are very small right now,
but I know when you grow up,
That life will be a challenge and it's going to be rough.
So now while you are young and still within my care,
I want to share the Lord with you and an ever-constant prayer.
You see it's my desire that life will treat you kind.
It's also my desire that the Lord will guard your mind.
I want you to be the best in everything you do,
But I also know I want the Lord to mean the most to you.
You see, his grace is going to be the thing
to catch you when you fall.
And understand his righteous hand will guide you through it all.
His love will be the pillow you cry on when you’re down,
And his spirit will be your company
when there is no one else around.
His mercy will be the bucket that catches all your tears.
While his peace will be the only thing to chase away your fears.
And I have to tell you now so that you always know.
The Lord will never leave you no matter where you go.
So I introduce the savior now and I hope that you receive,
The salvation and the blessings that are yours if you believe.

For my very precious daughter Sarah....whom I will love forever....even after death...forever!!!

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