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Passing Moments - Visitor's Love Poem

by Mohammed Kaab
(Doha, Qatar)

Hey passing moments, stop for a while,
I want to join you, but first let me meet her,
the one thing which is inside my heart, let me tell her
Let me feel the mildness of her face,
the clouds of her hair,
the lights of her eyes,
the redness of her lips.
Hey Passing moments,
before going let me hide her in my breathes,
in my eyes and in my dreams,
in my heart and let me love her to the extremes.
Hey passing moments, give me an opportunity to express,
let me talk to her some words,
let me hold her in my arms for a while,
let me greet her with a smile.
wherever we live o my dear,
the distance & the paths will always be clear.
my love for you will never decrease,
You will always be in my eye piece.
Hey Passing moments, stop for a while.


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