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Some Find - Visitor's Funny Poem

by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton, East Sussex, England)

"Look in your attic," my neighbour said.
"In there many treasures abound.
Stored, and then quite forgotten.
Dust caked, they wait to be found."

"Antique clocks, paintings and sculptures.
Dated vases, some right back to Ming.
Greek urns and Egyptian knick-knacks.
Silver candle sticks, and all kinds of things."

So I looked in my attic, and to my surprise,
I found something I had not seen before.
How it had got there, I had no idea.
But I carried it to my neighbour's front door.

Convinced I had just found a treasure.
And I'd been living beneath a gold mine.
I would take my prize to an auction.
And get the best price I could for my find.

When he saw it, my neighbour looked startled.
Which I thought, meant cash in the bank.
He's astonished I've found something priceless.
Then he said: "That's your cold water tank!"

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