I Am A Woman - Visitor's Poem

by Angelina Guerrero
(Honolulu, Hawaii, USA)

A miniature version of the cosmos
A philosopher by nature
A lover of wisdom
but easily misled
by a sweet talking guy
I am a woman ~*~

A graduate in Heartbreak
A parallel of nature
A rose full of thorns
An angel with horns
A pearl of great price
A believer in a man's lies
I am a woman ~*~

A multi-dimensional being
A daughter of Eve
A contradiction
An enigma
A gem in the rough
soft as a pillow
Pliable to the touch
I am a woman ~*~

Whatever I am
this you must understand
dear man
I am to be loved
any which way
I am
that is God's plan

© 2008 Angelina215 (AnIslandGirl Poetess) All Rights Reserved