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The Forbidden Love - Visitor's Love Poem

by Soualah Afef

When I€™m with you
I forget the place and the time
I forget who I am
When I€™ve known you
I€™ve learned to say things
That I was scared to say it to myself
I€™ve became strong
I€™ve became another one
You€™re so close and too far
But you€™re always on my mind
When I remember you
My heart starts beating wondering where you are
I want to tell you I love you
I want to tell you I miss you
But I can€™t
'Cause these feelings have no reason to stay
These feelings will take us to hell
So please let me forget you
Release me from your love
I know that what we feel is beautiful
And it€™s hard to let it go
Oh how I wished how I wished that we met in other world
In another land
So my heart will choose the one that he loves

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