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I am the Ocean - Visitor's Poem

by Rivka David
(London, UK)

Most people go a lifetime without really knowing me.

Some people have never seen me.
Surrounded by land, they think that land is all there is.
The ocean is a far away dream –
like when you lie dozing on a lazy morning
and try to remember the thoughts that held you last night.

Some people think they know me.

Children play in my shallow waters
And I play gently with them, splashing them, caressing them, loving them.
Young men flirt with me, but none can tame me, though some have lost their lives trying.
Young women are awed by my power and majesty – won’t you only realise – I live inside you!
Men are entranced by me. Some choose to spend their lives with me.
Some respect me, and care for me and to these I give food.

Some try to destroy me

They steal all my fish, poison me, damage the world around me.
They don’t realise the power I hold.
They throw sewage at me, seek to contain me, to control me.
I let it all pass.

You think that you hem me in. But slowly I erode you, dissolve you, shape you.
You change just by touching me and you don’t even realise it.
The longer you hold me the more I affect you whilst you swan about thinking you have won.

Some just see the pretty side of me, but I am ugly too.
I can be vicious, acquisitive, destructive, overpowering.
I was there before the land reared its timid head, and life came forth.
I flow over you, around you as though you were hardly there at all.
Over time you will disappear and I will still be there.
Pressurise me, and over heat me with your disrespect and I will have the last laugh.
I will release thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere
And then we will see who’s hot and pressured!

I create and destroy. I hold the key to life and death on this earth.
You abuse me, misuse me, disrespect me
But don’t push me too far because I can destroy you and your world
And flow on undisturbed.

And I am creative.
As I shape you, so life springs forth from within me.
Tiny creatures and massive giants call me home,
And I am their mother.
One swallows the other yet I have ample space for all of them.
I feed them, warm them, host forests for them to live in.

Sometimes I am warm and inviting,
At other times cold and indifferent.
Sometimes I sparkle with mischief and fun.
At other times I am dark and brooding and I sulk.
Always I am flowing.
If you go with me, respect me, understand my nature,
Then I will be a friend to you, and protect you in my majesty.
If you seek to crush me
You will be the loser. You will burst with the effort and I will flow away
To the freedom that is mine by right.

Oh lucky you are that you do not know me.
Would you then dare to play with me, lest you bring about your own demise?
You would cower away, lest I unleash my wrath on you,
Lest I suddenly sneeze with disdain and you will be no more.

Fool, don’t you realise?
All you have to do is respect me. Honour me and honour my purpose.
Watch me, go with me, trust my instinct.
I was there before you, and I will be there when you leave.
Though I assume any shape you request, you cannot hold me forever.
I know the meaning of forever, because I was alive
When you were just a twinkle in your daddy’s eye.

I laugh at your ignorance, your posturing innocence.
Let us continue this charade so that you will still play with me –
Because if you really knew me you would retreat to your cold hard corner
And I would be bored.

Let's pretend.
Let's pretend I'm yours.
Let's pretend you can hold me forever.
Let's pretend you can control me, and make me do your bidding.
Let's pretend you’re in charge.
I will hide my power.
Let's pretend you're bigger than me, wiser, stronger.
Lets pretend you protect me, surprise me, delight me.
Let's pretend you're funny, because you amuse me.
All this for company.

For those who lack strength, who are afraid, who feel that their essence can never blossom forth and be part of the world, find your ocean.
Find me, because I am part of every one of you.
I can never leave you, because I am part of your essence, so without me you would not be.
Cherish me, nurse me, trust me – and I will share my power with you.
Together we will break out and move on. Those weak willed creatures who seek to possess us never saw us coming and won't realise when we leave.

You and I. We will achieve what is in us – what is our destiny.
It can be no other way.

We are bigger. We are more vital.
We dance in the dappled sunlight of Always.
We flow to the beat of the universe
We breath to the rhythm of its heart.

Let us rest in its Eternity and be comforted to know that here we are recognised.
The universe and its rhythm speak our language, and respect our magnitude.
With life itself we can give and take on equal terms, finally.
Eternity brought us forth and set us playing
Tempting small souls and playing with children.
Still waters run deep, and so it is with us, my sister.
Take heart.
Let us hold on to our birthright, and continue to dream the dreams of Infinity.
One day those dreams will come true.
Until then, let us play!


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