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When I Met You for the First Time - Visitor's Love Poem

by Munir Arab
(Karachi, Pakistan)

When I met you, I felt so strong
My heartbeat for a moment stopped.

When I saw you, I felt so close
My eyes cant endure yours.

When I started to adore you,
your lure made me realized my love for you.

My sun became moon,
Day turned into Night,
hot seems to cool,
roses goes blue.

Perfume stinks compare to your smell,
until you will be mine, life seems of no use.

Even in darkness,
the silent memory of yours,
made my eyes brighter than the sun,
which make this whole world shine.

You can understand how much you mean to me,
'coz without you, I am incomplete.

Standby me like a tree,
which always gives shade to one
who who decide to sit under him.

Baby I promise you to stand still holding you into my shade,
doesn't matter if its rain or even a cyclone may come and hit us,
but my love will get you back again.

Many times I fails to tell you,
that how much badly I need you.

Don't judge my love again,
because it's purely for you "INSANE".

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