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Grandma R.I.P. - Visitor's Poem

by Anastasia Bruce
(New Bern, North Carolina, USA)

Shaking my head I never knew
I would see her in a hospital bed, dead
thinking to myself how did this happen
tears running down my face
like it's a race
falling to the ground clearing my face
missing her always
Just staring at her not knowing what to do or say
24.7 I would think of her
looking at the pictures on my wall
smiling at the pictures
I would never forget the memories
me and her had together at all

She was my grandmother
that made me realize
when we spoke to each other
"I can be whatever I want to be"
and every time I think of her
I would cry until I hear her spirit speak
there was so many things I wanted her to see
like my first basketball game on an all girls team
that would mean alot to me
I just can't believe she's not here

Shaking my head none of this can't be
her dying wasn't suppose to be
I know she was old but come on
she meant alot to me
she was my grandmother
she was my everything
shaking my head
I really can't believe this happened
shaking my head

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