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No Better Then Me - Visitor's Poem

by Vickie L Smith
(Henderson, West Virginia, USA)

Well I am down in the dumps today.
I am not happy at all.
The sun is kinda dim and the wind blows cold.
I would like to be somewhere else.
I am not welcome here.
I try to hide my tears today.
I paint a fake smile on.
They only see me from the outside.
So they think that I am bad.
But on the inside they don't know me
and how my heart aches so bad.
For I am a good person.
They still look down on me.
They will say bad things behind my back
and make fun of me.
They never think I hear or see.
But I heard what they say and
I know how they look at me.
It's with cold stares like they wish.
They could throw darts at me.
They think I don't see the dagger
they try to put through my heart.
But my friends I do so that's when the teardrops fall.
I am not a bad person just because I am poor.
I am proud of where I come from.
And that's from back in the woods.
I am happy to be a hill billy, a redneck country girl.
And if you don't like who I am
then there my friends is the door.
Just don't let it hit you where the good Lord spilt you.
And don't come back no more.
I will try to help you out if you have respect for me.
But you high society think you're better than me.
Well I got news for you, you are not.
You are not better than me.
I can belt out a country song and not miss one lyric you see.
I can make a pot of pinto beans that would taste so delicious to you.
But you would not tell one of your snobby friends what I offered you.
I could make a pan of homemade corn bread
that would melt in your mouth.
But you would go tell one of your friends I am such an awful louse.
That my home was messy and you thought you saw a mouse.
Well my friends I will tell you I have eaten things you've never seen.
This is called the country life.
Fried potatoes pinto beans.
This tastes so good to me.
But this kind of food is something you would turn your nose up at.
Your friends would ask what I served you for dinner.
You would say I think it was a rat.
Well that may be what I offer you so don't make fun of me.
You don't know my heart inside.
I am not a bad person you see.
I may not dress up fancy I may not have the look.
I may not wear makeup that makes me look like a jerk.
Some makeup is okay if you don't cake it on your face.
Why don't you let your true beauty show through for heaven's sake.
I may not live in a mansion but what is it worth if there's no love there?
It doesn't matter what kind of home you live in,
you still have troubles and cares.
And what good is it going to do you my friends if there's no love there?
So I will tell you I am poor and I live in a shack.
My old man is loving in his own way.
I do have nice clothes to wear.
Makeup I do not need.
I am beautiful in my own self and that's what I see.
Someone like you though could never see it in me.
'Cause you got a mansion on the hill and everything you ever need.
But my friends do you have love, have you kept your dignity?
I am someone you could never see yourself to be.
But my friends in my life I am only me.
I don't pretend to be someone I am not you see.
I have got God in my life, love, pride and family.
I have got friends who believe in me.
I have got a beautiful daughter who is twenty nine.
We love one another, we have a great time.
So my friends where is your child, do you know where they might be?
Is your relationship strong for each other?
Do you spend time together that's what I am asking.
Or do you hand your child a wade of money
and say leave me alone please.
So what I am saying is don't look down on me
'cause I am so different from you and you're so different from me.
I am who you see I am, no one else.
I don't pretend to be what I am not you see.
I am not a bad person because I am poor.
I am proud of where I come from.
And that's from back in the woods.
I am happy because I am a hill billy, a redneck country girl.
And if you do not like who I am
then there my friends is the door.

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