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My Soul Cried Out Hope

by imjustme mp
(Long Beach, CA, USA)

Just because we take different roads,
does not mean we've gotten lost,
it just means we have to find our way.
We have to be ready,
to learn what changes we have to make
and just live.
For life does not go backwards.
I'm just saying,
you can't be brave if you only
had good things happen to you.
You have to have downs, downs and more downs
than ups to know what it feels like to make it.
Yesterday is dead,
so let's make today alive.
I cried for my soul this morning.
Then my soul cried back out.
It said in due time it will all get better.
That was nothing but god talking in my ear.
I at times wish I could walk in your shoes.
Not knowing if your shoes are more painful
than the ones I have walked in life.

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