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You, The Drug - Visitor's Love Poem

by Shivam Dubey
(Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India)

My day starts with you,
My day ends with you;
Whenever I'm thinking baby,
It's you and only you.

I'm so happy to have you,
You have changed my life's view;
I'm feeling so fresh nowadays,
As if I were the drops of dew.

With you life is full of fun,
Your place can be taken by none;
If something was missing in my life,
It was nothing but You - The one.

You are like a toxic drug,
Filled in an enchanted jug;
I get even more addicted,
when you give me a hug.

Promise that you 'll never leave me alone,
When I open my eyes, you won't be gone;
I want to be lost in the depth of your love,
With a hope that I'll never get drown.

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