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What is Love? - Visitor's Sad Love Poem

by Ashlee la Force
(Portage, Michigan, USA)

I love you but you don't know
I tell you but you just brush it off
I really do I can't tell you how much I do
but what is love if the one you want to give it to
doesn't really understand, or won't listen or even care?
Nothing that's what, how can I make you realize how much
it hurts when you don't listen or care?
I love you but you don't know, I tell you but it's all in vain
You don't care so why should I?
My tears have created oceans and rivers but now
everywhere I look is desert,
my eyes have cried all they can
but what is love when you don't care? Why don't you care?
i love you but you don't know...

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